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“The beauty in life is in the moments.  The moments we create, the moments we participate in. The moments we get out of our head and

live out loud!” 

Lesa Mueller

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What is Live Out Loud? 

Do you spend a majority of your time thinking about all the things you want to do, and the things you tell yourself you should do? 


Over the past four or five years I have come to realize how much I had been living in my head…. and really, why wouldn’t I?  I was a single mom for 16 years.  Sure I dated, but at the end of the day, it was just the kids and me.  Well, there was a lot going on in my head…ALWAYS; all these thoughts, plans, ideas, doubts, and fears. Often, I found myself silent in the presence of others. Maybe afraid of what other people thought, maybe unclear of my own thoughts or how to express them, maybe waiting for perfection to share them? ...Sometimes, there was just no one to share them with.


As I leaned into coaching, I truly had an epiphany about how powerful speaking those words out loud really is, on so many levels. When we hear the message as we speak it, it resonates with us differently than when we just think it. Have you ever had a conversation and as you are talking the ideas just start flowing?  It opens the door to explore.

Stop waiting to be perfect. Stop waiting for the right time. To find the magic we must create the space and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to have meaningful conversations. When we can have meaningful and respectful conversations, and ask the questions, that’s where the magic happens. Energetically our body receives the vibration of the voice, and our body accepts the message in a whole different way. We tend to take greater ownership and are more likely to follow through with the things we speak about.

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